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Florida Drug Crimes: State or Federal Charges?

Drug crimes are among the most serious crimes that someone can be arrested for or charged with under either state or federal law in Florida.  Although many people may not realize this, most drug crimes can be charged in either state or federal court depending on the facts of the particular scenario in which an [...]

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Sexual Assault and Sex Crimes Are All Over the News

From the MeToo Movement to the recent allegations regarding a potential sexual assault committed by Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh in high school alleged by his former high school classmate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, sexual assault allegations and sex crimes have been all over the news recently.  Some of the biggest news to come [...]

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Answering Police Questions

A common question that every criminal defense attorney often gets from clients is, when is a person legally required to speak with police versus when a person can invoke his or her federal or state constitutional rights to remain silent.  These federal and state constitutional rights are set forth under the Fifth Amendment to the [...]

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Search without a Warrant?

Many people may have seen Law and Order and some of the other criminal procedural dramas that have been all the rage on television in the past several decades.  An issue that comes up from time to time on episodes of these crime dramas or similar movies is when police pull someone over for speeding, [...]

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Cooperating with Police

If you have been arrested, stopped for questioning, or pulled over by police in Florida, there are a number of things you should absolutely not do.  First among those is to be argumentative, combative, or refuse to follow lawful commands given to you by a police officer.  Instead, you should cooperate and obey all lawful [...]

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Florida Vehicular Homicide Case Challenges Police Test

A challenge to the way that police agencies in Florida and across the country routinely determine a motorist’s speed at the time of impact in collisions involving death and/or injuries is currently playing out in Palm Beach County.  The challenge stems from vehicular homicide charges relating to the death of a college soccer player from [...]

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FIU Bridge Collapse: Criminal Charges?

In the wake of the collapse of a pedestrian bridge at Florida International University (FIU) onto a heavily traveled road in Miami-Dade County on March 15th of this year, many questions have been asked regarding what structural engineers working for the contractors responsible for the construction of the bridge and the FIU engineers overseeing the [...]

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How Bail Works in Florida

According to a Palm Beach Post report, a circuit judge in Palm Beach County recently denied a former Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office (PBSO) deputy’s request to be released on bail pending his trial on first degree murder charges in connection with the death of his son-in-law.   The charges stem from an incident which occurred [...]

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Vehicular Manslaughter Charge in Tampa Crash

In a recent tragedy to befall the Tampa community, a prominent oncologist employed at Moffitt Cancer Center was killed in a traffic collision caused by a driver who ran a red light while traveling at an extremely high rate of speed.  After a thorough investigation, local police in Temple Terrace have decided to pursue vehicular [...]